Thursday, April 2, 2009

I got my books!

I was so excited about getting my books. The first one that I started with was "The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child" by Linda Dobson. Let me just say, I am only on page 25 and it is already well worth the money. One thing that I learned already is that I am pulling my dd from school reactively, because there are already somethings going on that I take issue with. I am pulling my ds proactively, because I don't want issues. I also learned that I my being a little unsure is totally natural and that made me feel a lot better about things already. By the way, I just decided the other day to pull ds, he isn't going to be too pleased unless I can head it off with practice homeschool this summer. I can't wait until my client comes and goes so that I can get into this book.

The other book is called "Homeschooling Methods" by Paul & Gena Suarez. It doesn't have as much personality as the other book in the first 12 pages, but it is packed with information. I don't want to jump to conclusions already, but I am pretty sure that I won't be using the classical method from what I've read so far. Anyway, I am only in the beginning of that particular book so I guess I shouldn't be too quick to judge.

I do know that I will incorporate a lot of African and African American History into the curriculum along with the history of other great civilizations. Of course we will study western civilization, because this is where we live, but I would like to do it from the point of view of the minorities that helped to build it in the beginning. Later we will cover common history. I would also like to study Swahili as our foreign language and the recorder to start as our beginning music lesson.

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