Monday, April 6, 2009

I got some stuff!

Goodwill has been good to me! I am so excited. I bought a 2 drawer file cabinet like new with the key for $10 and a 2 draw desk for the kids for $20.00. I am so excited. I will be rearranging the living room soon so that I can put the desk and chair in. I am going to put it in front of the window for now. I want to have a plant and a fish bowl on it eventually so that we can have some inspiration and life.

This summer I plan on teaching about the life cycle of frogs. I am going to use a online store called . You can purchase all kinds of stuff on there from ladybugs and earthworm eggs to bullfrog tadpoles and hissing coach roach eggs. I won't be doing the roaches, thanks, but no thanks. I also have some butterfly larvae coming in the mail any day now. Of course we will also be catching the regular caterpillars for free this summer. We might even catch an release some anole lizards in the back yard.

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