Saturday, April 18, 2009

We Have Worms!

Okay, so I know that we aren't "official yet, but WE HAVE WORMS! Yay us! They are not the cutest things that I have ever seen, but they are okay for worms...I guess.

The brown stuff in the bottom of the cup thingy is their "special food". You don't give them any food or water. You just keep them away from direct sunlight. When they go to the top and make their chrysalises you remove the paper and pin it to mesh in their habitat. is a wonderful website that has all kinds of critters that you can grow at home. That's where we got these. They also give you VERY details instructions on how to care for your animal. Of course more pictures will be posted as things change and grow.

This is what they should look like in the end. We have decided to free ours when they turn into butterflies. Hopefully my butterfly bush will be ready by then.

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  1. Very cool! We too will be doing this project once we start our lessons on butterflies!!!