Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sundays in God's Creation!

We spent the day today in the yard making it more beautiful. These two little areas are at the end of the driveway. I planted 2 lavender plants in one, which I am really excited about because I have wanted some lavender for years. Now I have it. Yay me!

This is the area right in front of the front door/ramp. Last year I planted the cute little bushes that turn red in the winter. I had to use some of the rocks that were there for the end of the driveway, so we put some wood that had been cut down last summer around the plant bed. I think it's cute. I used one as a stump for my pot the I put my new "hens and bitties" plant in.

Here the kids are beginning to dig for the pond. I was ready to take a nice long break and a shower, but dd wanted to keep going. At some point ds started to get in the way and pout endlessly so I told him to go in the house. That made him straighten up for a while...not for long.

My ds started feeling better, so we decided to take a break and repot the African Milk Tree that we bought yesterday. Please use gloves when repotting a cactus. We used shells that we found at the lake yesterday along with some rock piece that broke off of the larger ones.

Here is the work in progress. My mom said that we should keep digging, but I am trying to think of a way to work this whole thing out without having to dig. I'm thinking back fill and and build up around the edges. Lazy...yes, but it just might work.

Whatever we decide I am going to transplant more Hostas from the back to the front to give more shelter around the pond. Either way the pond has to sit for about a week before being fit for frogs. That will be plenty of time seeing as I haven't even gotten the tadpoles yet. I think that the book shelf is about to double as a place for the tadpoles and whatever else we try to grow.

My dd and I discussed how many things we reused. Here's the list:
  1. Juice bottle converted into a shovel used to get dirt out of the huge bag of dirt.
  2. Unprocessed wood used as a border instead of firewood.
  3. Larger rocks broken into appropriate size for projects.

How did I get all that wood and those rocks moved from the front to the back? My lovely dd and ds. Yay!

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