Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Art Class & Home Economics

Here is what we ended up doing. It was kind of an impromptu art class. I have to admit that I thought it was kind of fun myself.

This is DS pictures. The orange one is a man with a hat on. I have to be honest, I have no idea what the second one is. It has something to do with action figures and such.

This DD pictures. The first is a birthday cake made of cut up paper. The second is an umbrella with cut up paper rain. The third is her effort at not wasting paper.

This is mine. The first is a flower using the Pan African colors. The second and third are a woman and man with locks that I made.

All of our art work was made mostly from cutting out paper. DD is really good at drawing and I wanted her to try something different. I think it went well. The funny thing is that I felt like a little kid. I couldn't wait to show my Mom what I did. LOL So sad. LOL

Yesterday, DD made a strawberry pie from beginning to end. All I did was stand there and tell her what to do. It was SO good. I would have taken a picture, but we ate the last of it a minute ago...sorry.

PE Class!!!

Okay, I took a lot of pictures so consider yourself warned! We went to a local sprayground at a playground in our lovely city. The kids had a ball. DD said it was "way better than PE at school" LOL.

David's interpretation of the Statue of Liberty. LOL

We all these "sun faces". It the face you make when then sun is in your face. LOL

Team Work!

A while ago I went to Lowe's and purchase a bunch of plants and pavers for the backyard since we already worked on the front. Well, I bought all those plants and realize that I needed mulch. We bought two yards of mulch from the local recycle place and we rearranged the pavers in a way that made a little more sense. I learned the meaning of the saying "Many hands make light work". We rearranged pavers, moved 2 yards of mulch, and watered all the plants in about 2-3 hours. It felt really good to have the whole family work together, and I think our work turned out fabulous...yes I am tooting our horn and doing so shamelessly. LOL

Just doin' a little work.

DD tends to want to sit at the desk or table. She also tends to do her work without being told.

DS shuns both the desk and table and will NOT do his work without a bit of a fight towards the end. LOL

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weird Tomato

This tomato is 3+ weeks old. It is ans has been in the windowsill the whole 3+ weeks. Not only is it sprouting from the seeds inside, but it shows no signs of decomposition. Do you all have ant offerings of what may going on here. For now I am just watching it sprout more babies (4 so far).

Friday, June 19, 2009

Independent Thinker...To Be Or Not To Be

From a young age we were told and we later tell our children to be individuals and to think for themselves. Later when they enter into various institutions such as school and church, we want them to follow the crowd mindlessly. Later we tell them that they need to think for themselves as teenagers and we get frustrated when they succumb to peer pressure, yet we have trained them to be followers. We tell them to be who they are, yet we have not let them develop into individuals for fear that they may not fit in. Then as adults the behavior continues. I am trying to hold this in the road as a homeschool issue, but for IMO it applies to any institutional way of being. I tell my children to question the systems. Question EVERYTHING! Things are not right just because it's always been that way.

Letting them develop into the individuals that God intended them to be can both difficult and joyful, but it will make for a stronger, grounded, and loving adults.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reasons to Homeschool

The Question of the Day

I was sitting on the couch on the computer and ds asked another one of those questions.

DS: Mama? Do old ladies wear bras?
Me: Yes. Well, most do.
DS: Oh.
Me: Wait. What's old to you?
DS: Ummmmm...twenty?
Me: Okay, give me an example of someone that you think is an old lady. (I named some people in the family, all of us over twenty years of age)
DS: Uncle Mitch?
Me: Uncle Mitch is a man.
DS: Well, they have old mans too.
Me: Well, Aunt Deedee and Uncle Mitch are about the same age, so is she old?
DS: Yeah, like Aunt Deedee. Does she wear a bra?
Me: Yes, Aunt Deedee wears a bra.
DS: Oh.

He then lays back down on the couch, like all of the unanswerable questions in the world have been answered. LOL

Monday, June 15, 2009

First day

We watched 2 movies today, because my niece was over and we wanted to entertain her first. Right now they are doing there spelling work. David has a list of 8 words to write 3 times and Mari has a list of 15 to write 3 times in cursive. Next we do math, geography (using What Your K/3rd Grader Needs To Know), and then on to learning sign language.

I also plan to have all of us learn Swahili. They can learn Spanish later. I would like to honor something closer to our heritage first. I will probably go over numbers with ds and do multiplication drills with dd and then we will be finished for now.

Earlier I took my little niece outside to play in a new kiddie pool that her mom bought and she was having no parts of it. Of course dd and ds were playing in it. They had fun although they looked silly with the both of them trying to fit.

Y'all please feel free to give as much advice as possible. Thank you so much in advance.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Talk...Kind Of

Well my son was sitting there while I was changing my niece. This is our conversation:

DS: Where did Simone pee?
Me: In her diaper.
DS: I mean what did she use to pee?
Me: What do you mean?
DS: She doesn't have one of these (penis), so where did she pee?
Me: Girls don't have the same thing as boys.
DS: Why? Because it got cut off?
Me: No, we are made different.
DS: So y'all can't pee?
Me: Yes, we can pee, but we just do it from a different part that is in the same place.
DS: So did she used to have one of these.
Me: No.
DS: I mean, when she was first born did she have one?
Me: No, girls DO NOT have penises. We are not born with them at all, ever.
DS: Oh, so how do ya'll pee.
Me: We have a hole, but it's just not a penis.

I know this conversation is not over. Not by a long shot. LOL

Next Week!

Okay, so next week we will begin hs. I tried yesterday, but everything that could go wrong went wrong. All my little plans just feel apart and I was feeling quite defeated. If it were not for the sisters on the yahoo homeschool group FOCUHS, I would have still been struggling with what went on.

*Shameless Plug*
If you want to meet some of the most supportive, loving, praying, God reflecting women on the planet, join this group. They are the absolute, total, and complete bomb!

I see now that Mondays are going to be our review day, because I have two teachers come on that day for my niece. That means that it will be near impossible to do anything else on that day. I am normally my worse critic so I am going to have to learn to go easy.