Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Team Work!

A while ago I went to Lowe's and purchase a bunch of plants and pavers for the backyard since we already worked on the front. Well, I bought all those plants and realize that I needed mulch. We bought two yards of mulch from the local recycle place and we rearranged the pavers in a way that made a little more sense. I learned the meaning of the saying "Many hands make light work". We rearranged pavers, moved 2 yards of mulch, and watered all the plants in about 2-3 hours. It felt really good to have the whole family work together, and I think our work turned out fabulous...yes I am tooting our horn and doing so shamelessly. LOL


  1. Looks great! Want to come visit my house with your crew?

  2. Thanks. I would have to supervise this time around, because I was sore for a week. Now I have two bushes to plant in the front yard. I thought I was finished out there, but I guess not. We posted picks of that too.