Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Talk...Kind Of

Well my son was sitting there while I was changing my niece. This is our conversation:

DS: Where did Simone pee?
Me: In her diaper.
DS: I mean what did she use to pee?
Me: What do you mean?
DS: She doesn't have one of these (penis), so where did she pee?
Me: Girls don't have the same thing as boys.
DS: Why? Because it got cut off?
Me: No, we are made different.
DS: So y'all can't pee?
Me: Yes, we can pee, but we just do it from a different part that is in the same place.
DS: So did she used to have one of these.
Me: No.
DS: I mean, when she was first born did she have one?
Me: No, girls DO NOT have penises. We are not born with them at all, ever.
DS: Oh, so how do ya'll pee.
Me: We have a hole, but it's just not a penis.

I know this conversation is not over. Not by a long shot. LOL


  1. You never know what kind of topics will come up with all these people in the house. LOL

  2. AHHH! That is too cute...no, it's not over at ALL. He is just laying in his little bed trying to wrap his mind around the "hole". Did it fall in mommy? LOL -Paula

  3. That was too cute. And you did so well... LOL