Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Question of the Day

I was sitting on the couch on the computer and ds asked another one of those questions.

DS: Mama? Do old ladies wear bras?
Me: Yes. Well, most do.
DS: Oh.
Me: Wait. What's old to you?
DS: Ummmmm...twenty?
Me: Okay, give me an example of someone that you think is an old lady. (I named some people in the family, all of us over twenty years of age)
DS: Uncle Mitch?
Me: Uncle Mitch is a man.
DS: Well, they have old mans too.
Me: Well, Aunt Deedee and Uncle Mitch are about the same age, so is she old?
DS: Yeah, like Aunt Deedee. Does she wear a bra?
Me: Yes, Aunt Deedee wears a bra.
DS: Oh.

He then lays back down on the couch, like all of the unanswerable questions in the world have been answered. LOL

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