Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Screen names for the family & Posting Instructions

I asked the kids what they wanted their screen names to be rather than dd=dear daughter and ds=dear son. So dd will now be known as Sunshine and ds will now be know as Spike. Dh=dear husband will be Big Daddy. Okay, my sister-in-law will love that one. LOL

If you want to post a comment move your pointer icon over the word comment at the bottom of each post or just type into the comment box. If you don't have a blog just type in your name and follow the rest of the directions.

I hope this helps everyone.


  1. What a novel idea! Perhaps I should as my DD and DS if they want a "screenname". :)

  2. I saw that someone else had done it and it makes it a little more personal. Spike (ds), makes up name for himself all the time and he won't answer to anything else. Spike is actually short for Spike Mike, but of course Mike is his last name so you aren't required to call him by both. LOL