Monday, July 20, 2009


Bob Books are the bomb. My son is in first grade and behind, IMO, in reading. He is not behind due to any learning issues. Now that I am his teacher I have figured out why he is so very behind. He was missing all of the foundational knowledge for both reading and writing. He knew all the phonetic sounds, but couldn't put them together. He had no confidence whatsoever, so even when he know a word already he was scared to just take chance and say it. That wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fear on his face. There were lots of other problems, but we reviewed the letters and their sounds and started the books. He is on the third one. I am so proud. He reads a new one each day after rereading the one from the day before. Of course we move along as he is able and I get overly excite about anything he reads. He is also able to follow the simple and cute story lines.

I know that I look mildly psychotic, but I haven't been feeling well since about Thursday and haven't had any sleep. So maybe due to lack of sleep I am mildly psychotic. LOL

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