Thursday, July 16, 2009

Homeschooling @ Freedom Park & Home

Just giving y'all a little glimpse of what goes on with us sometimes. This was an all around good homeschool day. We all liked each other all day. LOL

David doing his new math homework. I found some fact family addition cards on that have been a big help. I combined them with some beads that we had laying around. He basically builds the equation using beads instead of numbers and the card helps him understand the concept and memorize the equation.

Mari is using for most of her work. What does she do you ask? She does social studies, science, math, language arts, and language extensions (supplements). Right now we are trying doing science for a week and social studies for a week. It is working and she is retaining the information very well.
I know they look like they are miserable, but they really aren't. Trust me. There was a young lady from Mad Science there this week and she was wonderful. They made slime, which we are going to make again at home, because it was the bomb. They also made paper airplanes and talked about the different elements of flight. I wish they would give you an information sheet, because it would make it easier to remember all the cool stuff they teach. Anyway she was the bomb and now dd wants to have a Mad Science party.
Why does ds look so confused? LOL

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