Thursday, July 16, 2009

Homeschool Corner

What is a homeschool Corner? It's what you use when you don't have a room. LOL We do have a garage and during the summer it seems like a good idea to convert it into a room, but then winter comes. Let me tell ya. It's a beautiful thing to pull into the garage with a trunk full of groceries to unload and not get wet. So until we are able to add another room onto the house we have a homeschool corner.

I have a desk that doubles as a work desk for me and a desk for the children,.Ds is drawn to the kitchen table to play and work, and dd is drawn to my spot on the couch (ugh! I can't have nothing...not eve a spot on the couch. LOL). I finally bought some hanging files for their work. I don't really know how I am going to use it, but it seems like something I will need. It will probably continue to morph like all my other bright ideas. LOL I bought a composition notebook in an effort to journal daily so that I can "look where He brought us from" (old gospel song for those that don't know). We have also been making frequent trips to the library and the kids love it. I do too.

I decided not to give them breaks unless totally necessary until they are done with their work. It seems to work MUCH better. I haven't wanted to choke either of them in two whole days. YAY!!!

As always, input is both welcomed and encouraged.

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