Sunday, August 9, 2009

Do you want to express yourself without saying a word? Do you want to support the entrepreneurial spirit of some wonderful young homeschoolers? Do you love wearable art? If your answer was yes to even one of those questions you should visit
Do not let my photography/outdated camera be ANY reflection on the quality of these buttons. Just in case you can't read it the top left one says "Homeschooling is my Super Power", and the top right one says "I am not talking to myself...I am having a parent teacher conference", and the last one belongs to Sushine and it says "I am homeschooled. I am socializing while you are sitting in a classroom. HA HA" I love them. Please support these beautiful children in the endeavor. After all these children belong to all of us. Also, so don't be cheap add a couple of extra dollars, as a contribution, to you total.


  1. What a nice thing to post - My daughter feels like a celebrity with a link to her buttons - the ones you have posted here had not even made it onto the website yet, she will change that!

    It was wonderful to meet you and I look forward to 'next time' soon!!!

    Lori Barklage

  2. I had a childhood love of buttons. I had my bookbags and purses covered in them. LOL I tried to resist buying them, but I couldn't. LOL

    Y'all are truly a wonderful family. It was interesting to see such diversity in one family. I guess because this lifestyle not only allows, but encourages appreciation for the individual.

    I hope your class is longer next year, because you have a lot to offer.

    Tell you daughter she is a celebrity to me, because I will only buy buttons from her. LOL Let me know if y'all start any other businesses.