Saturday, August 8, 2009

Deschooling...Karen was right!

Karen Davis (google her) told me in the beginning to allow my children to decompress, detox, and deschool for a while. I DID NOT LISTEN! In my usual way, I was going to learn the hard way. My children don't need deschooling, after all, they have me. That was just the problem, they were stuck with their stiffneck stubborn Mama. I wasn't going to do it the way that thousands of successful homeschoolers had done it before me, I didn't need to glean a thing. HA!!! Yea right.

Well, today I have been humbled. We will be deschooling at least until January. It still sounds really scary. I have learned through other dealings that I have problems when it comes to trusting processes so, y'all just pray for me...pray for us. We will be going more, doing more, and reading more but it just won't be so schoolish.

Here we go!!!

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