Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Egg Rolls...Kinda

This is our first attempt at making egg rolls. They turned out alright. We learned from some mistakes we made. For instance I knew they cooked fast, but it was MUCH faster than I expected so some of them a slightly more that golden perfection. The other thing is that I have allow more time for it to drain off from frying in oil. We used olive oil. All of them were stuffed with that broccoli slaw mix that you can find in the grocery store, but Sunshine and Spike had leftover chicken from a birthday dinner chopped up in theirs.

Sunshine preparing the egg rolls to go in the oil.

Spike trying to get over being sick. Yes, he still smiles a lot when he is sick. At least more than most kids I know. LOL

The taste test. They passed. I think because she made them. Deschooling is kind of fun, huh?

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