Monday, August 10, 2009

Synchronized Stomach Viruses

About Tuesday or Wednesday last week my daughter woke up with the lovely symptoms of a stomach virus about 1am. I couldn't really help her as I had taken some cough medicine. My husband was a HUGE help. Of course he swore that it was horrible, and went on to tell me that I no idea how bad it was. Yea right. I have handle more middle-of-the-night-stomach-virus-onsets to count. I still appreciate him for that more than I can ever express, because most men would have played sleep. LOL Well, I have been up for about an hour with my son. I would just rather us sit on the couch and watch Noggin so I can prevent any "accidents". He sleeps in a loft bed and the last time it was REALLY bad and let's just say it is much better to just stay awake washing sheets and staying vigilant.

All that to say this. Why do the symptoms always start in the wee hours of the morning? Why can't it ever start in the middle of the day when we are already up? Why?

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