Sunday, August 9, 2009

Deschooling on a Sunday afternoon.

Instead of buying countless water bottles, we refill the ones we have. My sister buys nursery water for my nephew and we reuse the bottles to keep them out the the landfill for a little longer. Anyway part of what I learned yesterday is that we should just include our children in our lives. Spike wanted to know why we couldn't just buy more bottles of water. I told him that was reuse because we try to recycle as much as possible. When the bottles reach the end of their usable life for us, Spike puts them in the recycle bin so that it hopefully will never finds it's way to the land fill.

Loaded up and ready to go the the health food store to refill our water bottles.
This is the health food store closet to our house. I love this store the employees. AAAANNNNDDD they have REALLY clean bathrooms. YAY!

Unloading the bottles.
My Spike helping me out. This is the first time he has ever pushed a cart, I am WAY too protective.
He said these were his big ears.
This is Spike dancing on the back of the truck.
Spike is showing off his scorpion keychain that I bought at the Love To Learn Conference from Tami Fox
Filling our water bottles.
Happy because I bought him a fruit snack. So easy to please. LOL

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