Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle

That is the sound of my brain frying. I have learned so much over the last couple of days about myself and Mari. I have also learned a lot about my husband and David. Mr. Broom is balanced as far as being left or right brained. For the most part, however, he is a lefty when it comes to work or school. He wants it done and done right down to the last detail. He will also sit there and work until it's done. I, on the other hand am quite the opposite. I am a scattered, juggling, right brainer. I am always doing more than one thing at a time. Even when I appear to be doing one thing or nothing my mind is racing. I don't like to plan to the letter and I see the big picture. Mr. Broom is my balance in many MANY ways.

I know that my being scattered is what will make people think that I can't do this homeschool thing, but I think I can do it. I need to do it. I think that I and my husband are the best people to teach our children. I have heard many reasons that homeschooling is terrible, but so many more sing it's praises and make more sense.

My family doesn't know anything about our plans, because I haven't decided how to present it. 9 times out of 10 Mari will spill the beans. LOL I kept putting if off, but I have run out of excuses. I would like to start next year for her 4th grade year. David says that he is going to stay at his school. He doesn't want to homeschool, but he may change his mind. I don't know though, because he is pretty decisive.

I think as of right now I will use the computer for a lot of stuff, but I want to use a lot of field trips and hands on things from everyday life. We shall see. We shall see.

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  1. I am a left-brained learner creating a learning environment for a houseful of mainly right-brained learners. So, if I can do it for my opposite, you can do it, too. One can argue that my organizational side of my learning style will help, but for right-brained learners, that interferes.

    What I felt made me the most effective homeschooling parent was to let each of my children own their own learning. Facilitation and collaboration were my keys.

    It is a decision that has shaped me far more than I would ever have imagined. I embrace all that it offers ME, and continue to be excited about where it will lead me. Because as I carved out a space for my children to discover their passion and purpose, I found mine!