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Thursday, April 12, 2012

What kind of homeschoolers are we?

There are all types of homeschooling families. From people who school at home with desks and strict curriculum to unschoolers (child-led learning). I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to homeschool and what type of homeschoolers we would be. I have always loved the concept of unschooling, but I have trust issues as far trusting my children to learn the "important" stuff on there own. Not to mention, my husband would be elated if I had desks set up in a little school room with set hours and assignments. My daughter enjoys more structure, while my son is more of a free spirit. Both are VERY smart, but they just learn in two different ways.

After much struggle I now understand that we are and eclectic family. What does that mean? It means that I don't fit neatly into any box or unbox. We do what we want, need, or feel. What do our days look like? Well they are never the same, but here is what we did today.

  • Everybody got up whenever they wanted, but it happened to be around the 7:00 hour. 
  • The children grabbed some fruit and water for breakfast.
  • We waited on a friend of mine to come over so we could exercise together. 
  • She was going to be late so we decided to walk a mile before she got here. 
  • We all worked out to the tabata timer while listening to Common's old CD.
  • Everybody showered.
  • Sunshine suggested pizza for lunch and we all agreed.
  • I did my prayers while my sun practiced with his flashcards.
  • When I finished my prayers, we went to the store to get stuff for the pizzas.
  • Came back home and made pizzas
  • Watching about 3 episodes of Electric Company right now
  • After that, the plan is to play a survival game, but we'll it goes because they have class tonight and I'm really sleepy

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