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Monday, April 30, 2012

Homeschooling: Still trying to find my way.

So, I thought at some point I was just going to know what I was doing with this whole homeschooling thing. 3+ years in, I still flounder and constantly change styles and ways of doing things. Today was a more structured day that was triggered by a change. My niece and nephew have returned, which is pretty cool, because I think I secretly missed having them around. lol

So today, we got started later than I wanted. I went for a walk this morning before my bonus babies arrived without my children. I realized during the walk that it is much more fun WITH my son and daughter than without. I got back home and the children were still in bed. I waited for them to get up and for my bonus babies to arrive. We started our family workout at 8:30ish. Everybody did some work before having an early lunch. DD did math, because she is working toward getting 2 grades ahead, DS was doing math because he needs to get "caught up" although I am don't really buy into the whole thing of them being on a particular level. I had BB1 working on writing her name and BB2 working on numbers using cards and beads. They both did VERY well. After that we read Masai & I, ZZZNG ZZZNG, and Leola and The Honey Bears. Now, it's nap time.

I like having a schedule, but it never goes the way it should. I think my failure at being able to keep a schedule makes it kind of easy to just throw the whole idea out of the window and unschool. I guess that's why I consider myself an eclectic homeschooler, because I do whatever I feel like, they feel like, or we need to do.

What will we do tomorrow? I'm thinking another structured day to try to keep everything moving, keep everyone off each other's nerves, and to see if it can be done. I guess this was just an update/vent. Either way, I'm glad to have my BB1 & BB2 back.

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