Sunday, August 29, 2010

Unit Studies and Currclick

This is just a quick update. I am trying yet another approach. I am doing a relaxed version of unit studies. I asked both children what they wanted to do. Mari, wanted the continent of Africa and next we will study individual countries. David wanted dinosaurs and next we will study them by continent. I have also learned a lot so far. I have always been interested in Africa and all of it's countries, but I never thought I would find dinosaurs so interesting. This is keeping up relatively busy, especially since our stupid printer is broken. UGH! I'll let you all know how things go.
P.S. I am also helping Mari do a lapbook. YAY!


  1. Keep going sis, glad you're finding dinosaurs interesting too ;) i've been wondering how things are going.Take care

  2. Luv it! I have some Africa worksheets and (at the moment) 1 powerpoint that you and your daughter can use. contact me: