Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Morning Appointment

I had to leave a little early to take Mari to camp because I had to get gas. I took my own advice and did it with a good attitude although I didn't want to have to stop. As we pulled into the gas station Mari and I were talking and laughing when I saw a familiar face. He came walking up to the car with a warm smile and I remember the many times our paths had crossed. We'd even shared a meal once. Who was he? He was a homeless man that used to be on the corner of a very busy intersection in Charlotte. When did we share a meal? Well, here's the short version:

One Sunday morning I woke up thinking about what I wanted to eat from Bojangle's. I thought about it all through church service. After church I was finally able to get the food and my mouth was watering. I didn't even eat any fries out of the bag on the way home, because I wanted this to be perfect. Afterall, I'd been thinking about it all day. As I sat at the light, I heard God tell me to give this man my food. Of course this must be the devil speaking, because I really wanted this food. LOL Of course I gave it to him. As I drove away I looked in my rear view mirror to see him literally devouring the meal.

Anyway, this morning I greeted him as I did on numerous occasions. As usual he didn't seem to remember me and as usual it didn't matter. I'd already decided to do what I could which wasn't a lot, because I ain't balling this week either. This time, however, he asked for gas. He said that he and his fiance were riding around on "E". I said I would help. I paid for his gas and mine, luckily their car was small. When I returned to my truck he came over to thank me with a handshake. He told me that he was trying to do better and was looking for a job. I just smiled knowing that he didn't owe me any explanation for being in a rough spot. He talked about his fiance and how he had hit the jackpot by meeting her. I congratulated him with true happiness. He moved in to hug me and I must admit that I did have thoughts of lice and such being that I am a germaphobe and bugaphobe. I hugged him, because I've been in a similar situation as his and didn't want to be so arrogant as to forget what it's like. He has no teeth, wild hair, but somehow the happiest eyes.

I had a morning appointment and it was with an old friend whose name I do not know.


  1. Now that's just wonderful!!

    (miss reading your blog!! hope all is good for each of you!)

  2. I miss writing too. I got too caught up in the evil FB and now I am about to start class myself on Monday. I really enjoy writing and reading blogs, and am going to get back to it. I just have about 6 months(?) of school to finish up.