Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tadpoles, Butterflies, Hermits Crabs, & Broken Cameras

After much nagging of the man at Petsupermarket, he finally had an epiphany and ordered enough tadpoles to get me off his back. So now all is right with the world. Since we have had so much rain here in the Queen City we had a little overflow in the pond. Apparently one of the tadpoles decided to take that opportunity to make a break for it. One of our neighbors' children rescued him and put him back in the pond. *If you are reading this, Iyana (sorry if I misspelled your name) thanks bunches.*

All the butterflies finally made their metamorphosis with much grace and beauty...except one. It was so sad. He had the hardest time getting out of his chrysalis. When he finally got out, he fell to the bottom of the cage. I just kept thinking that I should have put it on the side like the others. That way even though he fell, it wouldn't have been such a long fall. Anyway, his wings never formed properly and so he didn't meet a very pleasant end.

Since we are unable to get the fence repaired right now for a dog, the kids asked for hermit crabs. We bought 3. One for each child and one for us. I am so in love with these things. I think they are so cool. I want to buy a big aquarium so I can have a lot of them. We let them out and put them on the floor to crawl around for a while. One thing I didn't know in the beginning was they are excellent climbers. I can't wait to get a bigger aquarium so that they can have more room and be more active. YAY for crabs...of course I mean hermit crabs! LOL

Now for the bad news. My camera is not working properly. I can take pictures, but it won't load anything onto the computer. I am so sad. Maybe the Lord will make a way for me to get a new one... HINT! HINT!


  1. Yey for crabs!!! Lol get it together aunt k

  2. I pray that you get a new camera soon! I want to see the new addition to your family. You've got a little animal farm goin' on over there!