Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hermit Pics & Footage!

Here are our hermit crabs. Mine is the pink one which I named Big Bad Mama, the green one is DHs which he has named Plato, the blue one is DDs which is named Viva, and the white one is DSs which he named Wolfie Dave. They do have their own personalities. Mine is a little dominant and almost had to go back to the pet store because she was messing with the green one CONSTANTLY. DDs is middle of the road active and DSs is shy. The green one is very active and when on the floor will run away rather than draw himself into the shell.

These are the white shells that we bought when I realized that Big Bad Mama might need a new shell and that was the reason for her aggression. Apparently they have shell fights. I think that is part of her personality too, because DDs crab had outgrown her shell more than mine and she wasn't acting all evil. Anyway, we bought the new shells at a store in Concord Mills Mall.

This is Wolfie Dave burrowing as usual. His prefers the cooler side of the tank.

This is Big Bad Mama after a shell change, which I could have done without seeing. Let me tell you seeing that kind of weirded me out.

Sorry this video is so dark, but this is the hermit crabs crawling around on the carpet.

I hope this video answers some basic questions about our new pets. I hope you like this one a little better than the dark and dreary one. LOL


  1. I am lovin' those colorful shells. I should show this to my dd to see if she would be interested in getting one. She would much rather raise butterflies if she doesn't have to deal with the caterpillars.

  2. ew! tell me more about the shell change!!!! what did she look like without the shell! i'm a little creeped out but i'm so curious!! LOL!

  3. Hi Lilly, nice to see you over here. LOL Okay, so when it comes out of the shell it looks like a yellow booger to me. I think that the nastiest thing is that it catches you off guard. We know that they change shells, but we don't really expect to SEE it. My husband and I were both grossed completely out. We were like "I could have lived my whole life without seeing that and been fine about it." YUCK!!! The funny thing is that when one changes usually they all change. We also had one that kept changing shells.