Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little update...

Sorry, I've been absent but I am actually been really busy. This homeschool thing is really going well. I am excited that I might actually be doing what works for us. What is that you ask? Depends on the day and what is going on around us. I have stopped stressing every little thing, but I also have not gone completely over to unschooling like I thought I would. My children at this point are not autodidactic enough for me to feel comfortable just turning them loose. I can say, however, that we all seem to be enjoying ourselves. What does our day look like? Well, here is the intention of the day, although it never really happens in the way it's written, but I just use it as a guide.

I try to do all this stuff in the morning when they are fresh. We tried doing work at night when the little ones are gone, but it didn't work out so we decided to do it throughout the day. I don't really care what order they do their work in as long as most of it gets done. If we have been working longer than expected we might decide not to do an assignment like we did today. I will also things off to take advantage of nice weather like today. Imho, vitamin D and fresh air are just as important as education in some regards. It's called balance.

  • Morning ritual-Sankofa Learning Academy Pledge, Virtues of Ma'at, Nguzo Saba
  • Swahili Cards
  • Mama Read
  • Assignments
  • Black History Cards
Playing Card Algebra
Swahili-Rosetta Stone
DSI word game
Spelling words

Math- 3 worksheets and 25 flash cards
Read- 3 books and 25 flash cards
Penmanship-3 sentences from flashcards
Days of the week and months of the year-English and Swahili

Some random pics, but here is a little explanation on some of them. I can't figure out how to add comments after the pictures have been posted. I learn that later I guess. Enjoy!

Playing in the mirror at the museum. Sunshine did a tattoo on my neck that I thought was really cute. The fireplace is ablaze with candles, because this is what we do for meditation. Spike's birthday treats, thanks to Grandma. Sunshine's new hair, the picture at the end is the same thing. The pics where there are a bunch of women in red (and me in the kitchen chopping) are from Sunshine's red party. She started her moon cycle and to celebrate we did a rite of passage. We received a Flat Stanley or in our case a Flat Isaiah, and Sunshine and Spike decided to make a Flat Family. Cool, right?


  1. So glad to know that you're doing well. You all look great!! I love Sunshine's hair. I will have to look into the moon-cycle rite of passage. I like that.

    Keep up all the good work! :D

  2. It's hilarious to see David in fatigues - my David has the same pair and would wear them everyday if I didn't hide them! Is it too late for me to have a Moon-Cycle rite of passage? - I am SO SERIOUS! I'm glad to see you guys are enjoying homeschool. We're just starting a basic routine, but we really like it so far. BTW, that fireplace looks so warm and inviting!

  3. @Leslie, we are doing great and will be doing better when Mother Spring makes her appearance!!! LOL Sunshine is loving it too, but gotta be honest I am ready for the locks to return, I haven't combed hair in 6+ years. Mari loved the red party and so did I.

    @Asherah, David loves his too. You can have a regular right of passage if you want. You never had one right? Anyway, you know how we do, we make our own rules!!! We are enjoying ourselves and it took me a while to learn to do so. I have finally learned to pay attention to the children and myself and roll with whatever is good for us at the moment.