Saturday, September 26, 2009

Internation Festival at UNC Charlotte

We went to the International Festival at UNC Charlotte. It was WONDERFUL! I will be there every year from now on. There were many opportunies to talk to people about their cultures, to see native clothing and dances, purchase crafts etc from different countries, and of course TONS of foods from every where. Sunshine and Spike, both got henna tattoos for $30 and were so excited about it. My camera died hence the shortage of pictures. Some of the countries represented were Eritrea, Ethiopia, Egypt, Thailand, China, Bosnia, Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania, Japan, Korea, Italy, Pakistan, Palestine, Iran, Saudi Arabia, El Salvador, Mali, South Africa, Native Americans (yes, I know that's not a country), Senegal, India, Tibet, Nepal...and some others. I know I'm forgetting somebody.

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